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Cable Fault Pre-Locator TFL 4

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Cable Fault Pre-locator TFL4 is a menu driven microprocessor based cable fault pre-locator designed for ease of use.
It works with Time domain Reflectometer principle (TDR / Pulse reflection) for measuring the exact fault location such as the open / broken circuit or short circuit faults, cross faults, earthing faults in any metallic power, telecom and signal cables as well as plastic cables.

It is compact and light weight and most suitable for field application. It uses state of the art digital technology for precise location of faults in underground metallic cables.

The advanced circuitry utilizes high-speed sampling for better resolution of echo grams.

It is an effective equipment to reduce trouble shooting time, improve work efficiency and reduce labor intensity of cable maintenance staff.
Cable Fault Pre-locator is used to pre-locate short circuit, open circuit cable faults distance in TDR mode in power transmission & distribution / telecom network companies or any metallic cables.
Pre-locate open and short type of cable faults in all metallic telecom and power cables.
Measurement maximum 8 km in selectable ranges.
Portable design and easy to use.
Menu driven operation.
Tests any type of telecom, coaxial, network or power cables.
Use of high speed Micro-controller.
Automatic selection of Range, VOP and Gain.
Color LCD display.
Six function keys for simple operation.
Automatic and Manual testing mode.
Full English Menu is easy to master and use.
USB Pen drive, it is easy to upload memory data to computer.
Rechargeable lithium battery, intelligent charging without duty.
Continued 8 hours operating time on internal battery.
Rugged construction and easy to carry on site.
Small size & light weight, Palm-held unbreakable ABS plastic housing
Working Principle
A narrow electromagnetic frequency pulse of 40ns - 6us with a fast rise time is sent on the cable that reflects back from the fault point /far end where the impedance shows mismatch or change. The velocity of propagation (VOP) for each cable depending on the cable dimension and material is set and the distance to the fault is then computed automatically and displayed in meters on LCD screen.

The audio frequency signal is passing through the cable conductor an electromagnetic field of sending frequency is developed around on the conductor. When the search coil axis is passing in the developed field, it will sense the field and given to the receiver unit. The receiver amplifies that signal and indicates in terms of maximum bar-graph and sound in headphone on the cable. When the search coil is going away from the field the signal indication and sound will reduce.

Fault Distance Range
8 Km (Auto - 4km, Manual - 8km)
Fault Measurement Accuracy
Max Resolution
Pulse Width
40ns - 6us Auto - Adjusting
Pulse Waveform
Pulse Wave
Pulse Amplitude
0 - 30V Auto - Adjusting
Gain Range Control
0 - 99 Adjustable
Cable Constant (VOP) Range
100-300 Adjustable
Auto / Manual Measurement Dead Zone
0 m
Output Impedance
100 Ohm
Sampling Speed
100 MHz
Memory Location
Auto Switching
In built timer automatically switches off after 5 minutes
Power Supply
7.2 V
Power Consumption
Working Temperature
-15oC ~ +45oC
Storage temperature
-20oC ~ +55oC
200 (H) x 100 (W) x 36 (D) mm
0.4 kg
Standard Accessories
Carrying Case
Re-chargeable battery charger / Adapter
Connecting test cables
Software CD
Pen Drive
Instruction Manual
Standard Warranty - One Year

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