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Cable Route Tracer CRT 10D

Surge Tester / Thumper

Cable Route Tracer

Cable Fault Pre Locator

Surge Receiver / Pin point Locator

High Pot tester

Sheath Fault Tester

Cable Identification System

Compact System

Trolley Mounted System

Van / Trailer Mounted System

Low Cost Van System

Cable Burn Down Equipment

Soft Discharge Rod

IP67 / IP54 Products



Cable Route Tracer CRT 10D is an essential item in the kit for fault location of underground power and telecom cable network. It is a powerful audio frequency system that can be effectively used for various unique functions such as route tracing of any metallic cable, depth measurement, live loaded cable tracing and ground survey of underground utilities.

It is used for route tracing of any underground metallic cable in power transmission, distribution and signal cable networks or cable fault location service provider.
Key Features
  • Route tracing of buried underground any metallic cables up to 10 km max length.
  • Depth measurement of buried cables up to 5m.
  • Portable and light weight, easy to use, powered by rechargeable battery, one person can operate, tests can be completed at once.
  • Digital design, software control, stable and reliable performance.
  • With back light function, adapt to night operation.
  • Large-screen LCD interface, easy to understand at a glance, easy to learn and understand.
  • The measured information is provided to the operator in three ways: digital size, grating length, and voice priority, making the test process easy and free.
  • The transmitter has constant power output and automatic matching to ensure that the machine is working in the best condition. The built-in ohmmeter function can automatically measure the loop impedance of the cable to the ground and between phases, which can assist in judging the nature of the fault.