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Cable Fault Pre-Locator TFL 9

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Cable Route Tracer

Cable Fault Pre Locator

Surge Receiver / Pin point Locator

High Pot tester

Sheath Fault Tester

Cable Identification System

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Low Cost Van System

Cable Burn Down Equipment

Soft Discharge Rod

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TFL 9 Power Cable Fault Locator is a portable, easy to use cable fault pre-location instrument. It uses the time domain reflection (TDR), multiple impulse method (MIM), and Impulse current method (ICM) on low, medium and high voltage cables. Its measuring ranges enable pre-location on cable lengths from 0 m to 64km.
TFL 9 is operated via function keys and touch screen, it is fully menu guided. This instrument is supplied with rechargeable lithium cell batteries.
It is used for pre-location of short circuit, open circuit fault distance in TDR mode and low insulation / high resistance / flashing / intermittent fault in ICM / MIM mode with the help of suitable surge tester in power transmission and distribution network cables.
Measuring method
Key Features
  • Pulse Reflection Method
  • Multiple Impulse Method
  • Impulse Current Method
  • Interactive menu-guidance
  • Touch screen and color LCD
  • Measuring range up to 64km
  • Host and slave USB port for communication
  • Memory no less than100records
Standard Accessories
  • Current Coupler
  • Coupler Cable
  • Charger
  • Testing Cable
  • Carrying case
  • Instruction / User Manual
Standard Warranty Other models available
Other models available Cable Fault Pre-locator TDR 4000 TDR, ARC, ICE, DECAY Measuring Range - 120 km

Voltage of transmitting pulsey 30V
Width of transmitting pulse 40nS – 7us
Voltage withstand 400V AC (50/60Hz)
Output impedance 5 - 80 Ohm
Measuring range 0 – 64km
Sampling rate 200MHz
Propagation velocity 90-300m/μs
Number of Echograms Memories >100
Display 8.4 inches, 640x480dots, Touch screen and Color LCD
Location Error: TDR and MIM mode <±1m when detecting range <4 km
<±4m when detecting range >4 km
ICM mode <±4m when detecting range <4 km
<±16m when detecting range >4Km
Charging Voltage Input: 110 – 265V AC Output: 8.4V±10%DC
Operation time of rechargeable batteries Approx. 5 h
Operating temp. -20 ~ +50 °C
Storage temp. -40 ~ +60 °C
Languages English
Type of protection IP 54 Splash proof and dust protected
Dimensions 330mm × 305mm ×152mm
Weight 3 Kg Approx