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Cable Fault Pre-Locator TDR 4000

Surge Tester / Thumper

Cable Route Tracer

Cable Fault Pre Locator

Surge Receiver / Pin point Locator

High Pot tester

Sheath Fault Tester

Cable Identification System

Compact System

Trolley Mounted System

Van / Trailer Mounted System

Low Cost Van System

Cable Burn Down Equipment

Soft Discharge Rod

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TDR 4000 provides you with 10.4-inch bright high-contrast TFT display with touchscreen. The 800*600 pixels resolution makes the picture sharp. The touchscreen allows an operator navigate through the menu fast and easy.An alternative way of navigation is included. It is provided with a control knob.
TDR 4000 integrates a multiple ways of fault prelocation. It can be used either as a standalone device in TDR mode or in a conjunction with HV-module. (e.g. Cable test van or Surge wave generator), working in arc reflection (ARC), impulse current (ICE) and decay modes. A high-capacity internal battery allows working up to 8 hours.
TDR 4000 has both RS-485 and USB interfaces. The package content includes software for PC (optional), which allows working with saved reflectograms. The firmware is easily updated through USB interface by inserting a flash drive.
Battery powered Digital Impulse Reflectometer (TDR) TDR 4000 designed for determining the distance to a fault in communication and power cables.
Key Features
  • Determining the distance to a fault or discontinuity in symmetric and asymmetric cables using a location (time domain reflection) method.
  • Measuring the length of a cable (including those wound on a drum) or distance to a fault or a short circuit.
  • internally or using a supplied PC software.
  • As part of a Cable Test Van,determining the distance to a fault or discontinuity in cables with length of up to 100 km for all possible fault types without the need of preliminary full cable sheath burning.
Operating Mode TDR, ARC, ICE, Decay
Distance measurement ranges m@v/2=100m/μs 60, 120, 250, 500, 1000, 2000,5000, 10000, 20000, 50000, 120000
− 0.5 @ v/2
− 0.4 @ v/2
100 m/μs
80 m/μs
Sampling rate 400MHz
Gain -33 – 104dB
Output impedance (10 Ohm steps) 10 – 500 Ohm
Propagation velocity (v/2) 50.0 – 150.0m/μs
Averaging reflectograms number 64 max
Time domain accuracy,% of FS 0.2
Pulse amplitude 45V
Pulse width 10ns – 100 000ns
Propagation velocity (V/2)resolution 0.1 m/us
Control Touchscreen and control knob
Connectivity RS-485, USB
Internal data storage 4 Gb (not less than 1000 reflectograms with data)
Display 10.4”, 800x600 TFT, touch-sensitive
Internal battery 12 V (8 hours of operating when fully charged)
External power adaptor Input 230V 50 Hz
Output 24 V DC
Power consumption 36 W max
Operating Temperature -20 ~ +55deg C
Dimensions, 366 × 271 × 178mm
Net weight (with internal battery) 8.0 kg