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Cable Route Tracer CRT 500

Surge Tester / Thumper

Cable Route Tracer

Cable Fault Pre Locator

Surge Receiver / Pin point Locator

High Pot tester

Sheath Fault Tester

Cable Identification System

Compact System

Trolley Mounted System

Van / Trailer Mounted System

Low Cost Van System

Cable Burn Down Equipment

Soft Discharge Rod

IP67 / IP54 Products




It is used for route tracing of any underground metallic cable in communication, power transmission, distribution and signal cable networks or cable fault location service provider. It is use to identification of wanted cable from bunch of cables in communication network. It is also use for pin-point a contact nature fault where surge wave system can not be used.

Key Features
  • Route tracing of underground any metallic cables up to 15 km max length.
  • Depth Measurement up to 5M.
  • Route tracing of underground loaded live cables with passive frequency and inductive coupling.
  • Pin-Pointing of contact nature faults.
  • Output Power 5, 50, 100, 250 and 500 Watts selectable.
  • Output Frequency 480, 1450, 9820Hz selectable.
  • Power supply 230V AC + 10 %, 50 Hz Single phase.