Surge Wave Receiver SLE 200Z



The SLE 200-Z Surge Wave Receiver is an easy operation device used to pinpoint the fault point. It integrated the function of acoustic magnetic synchronization method, the step voltage method, the magnetic field strength method to make the pinpointing accuracy.
Key Features
  • Perfect functions, suitable for pin-pointing all kinds ofcable faults and detect cable path.
  • High accuracy
  • Synchronous sensing of acoustic and magnetic signalsof the fault with high ability to anti-interference.
  • Waveforms displayed on large LCD
  • With the assistance of the earphone, direct and easy to identify the fault.
  • High Acoustic & Magnetic field sensitivity
  • High Performance electronic suppression of external noise and interference
  • Automatic contactless turn off of the Headset, as the hand approaches the handle
  • Indication of the direction to the fault - Compass
  • Comparison of last and the new measurement
  • Low batt indication.
  • Graphical indication of the magnetic field
  • Indication of the acoustic signal detection
  • Indication of all adjustments and settings
  • Fault distances measurement
  • Measure of magnetic field and sound coincidence with acoustic selection and calibration of the measuring range.
  • Indication of cable position in respect to the sensor.
  • Cursor to identify the time of delay between the acoustic signal and the magnetic signal, thus to confirm the fault range.
  • Automatic switch between different work modes
  • Automatic gain adjustment
  • Indication of cable position in respect to the sensor
  • With back light, automatic power-off and overcharge protection functions. Easy to operate