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CRT 10Z is a high performance underground metallic cable / pipe locating system. It consists a transmitter and a receiver, can be used to do route tracing, pipe exploration and depth measurement of the underground cables and metallic pipes. It can also be used to identify target cable from a bunch of cables, locate the pipe insulation damage and part type cable fault.
Key Features
  • Compass display : To display pipe position directly
  • Left/right row indication : Use the left /right arrow to indicate the pipe position when route tracing.
  • Right/Wrong indication : Recall-time test the pipe current direction to indicate tracing result and avoid the nearby lines interference.
  • Real-time depth measure and current measure
  • History curve display : To display the signal variation directly.
  • Cable identification : Clamp (optional) identification sensor identification. Clamp identification can precisely gives accurate result. sensor (optional) identification could be used when the clamp identification is not applicable.
  • Grounding fault location : Use the A frame (optional) to pinpoint the pipe insulation damaged points against the ground. No need to do zero set and the arrow will point to the fault point direction.
  • Digitalization high accuracy sampling and processing, narrow receiving passband to rise the anti-interference capability and suppress power interference and harmonic interference from nearby running cable and pipe.
  • Multiple locating frequency : Active detection and passive detection
  • Multiple signal output mode : Direct connection output, clamp coupling output, radiation output
  • Big capacity Li-on batteries series, support auto power off when low battery or long time no operation. Availability of special tongs as per customer's requirement.