High Voltage Surge Tester SWT 32



It is used to pin-point underground cable faults in power transmission, distribution cable networks in acoustic mode with the help of suitable surge wave receiver.
Key Features
  • Pin-point location of cable faults in Low, Medium and High voltage cables by acoustic method.
  • Output voltage selectable ranges 8kV, 16kV, 32kV continuously variable
  • High energy of 1000 Joules at each range (Optional 2000J).
  • Full energy delivering capacity at each select range.
  • Single Impulse and 1.5, 3 & 6 seconds intervals Sequence
  • Pre-location of cable fault distance with suitable pre-locator unit in ICM mode.
  • Easy to connect with arc reflection filter and pre-locate fault distance in SIM mode.
  • Power Supply 230V AC + 10%, 50 Hz, Single phase
  • HT Network 33Kv
  • Protection Class – IP 54